Fiat Bravo/Brava

Fiat Brava / Bravo model
Power windows S S S
Power steering S S S
A/C with pollen filter S S S
Height adjustable front seatbelts S S S
Height adjustable driver seat S S S
3-rd stop light S S S
Adjustable from the driver's seat headlights S S S
Tachometer S S S
Immobilizer (FIAT CODE) S S S
Heated rear window with wiper S S S
Tinted rear window S S S
Bumpers with the body color S S S
Electronic door restriction S S S
Rear fog light S S S
Interior lighting with intensity regulator S S S
Automatic fuel interruption and doors opening in an accident S S S
Drawer under the passenger seat O S S
Electric side mirrors S S O
Rear seat light O S S
The driver's visor with mirror O S S
Car stereo with CD O S S
Alloy wheels, tires 195/55 R15 O S S
Power locks O O S
Power rear windows O O O
Airbags for the driver and the passenger O O O
Split rear seat O O O
Leather Interior O O O
Alloy wheels, tires 185/65 R14 O O O
Electric sunroof O O O
Electric interior mirror O O O

S = Standart     O = Optional     X = Not Availiable