Fiat Bravo/Brava

fiat bravoFiat presents its new models Fiat Brava and Fiat Bravo in 1995, as a replacements for the successful but aging Fiat Tipo. Both models share the same mechanics and engines - Fiat Brava is a 5 door family hatchback, but Bravo is a 3 door car, oriented towards younger and sporty minded drivers. The front of the both models is almost identical - the main differences are in the rear of the car - the shape of the trunk, tail lights, rear window.
Soon after it's launch the car became very popular and in 1996 Fiat Brava/Bravo is elected "Car of the Year in Europe".

fiat brava The model is available with the following engines: - 1.4 (1370 cc, 80 hp, 12V), 1.6 (1581 cc, 103 hp, 16V), 1.8 (1747 cc, 113 hp, 16V) and the 2.0 engine ( 1998cc, 147 hp, 20V - only on Bravo HGT). There are also two turbo diesel engines - 1.9 TD (1910 cc, 75 hp and 100 hp).

Fiat Brava / Bravo features an excellent exterior and interior design and many extras. Most models are equipped with standard power windows and mirrors, central locking, power steering and brakes, driver air bag, car stereo, bravo The car interior is spacious with a good visibility for the driver, the seats are comfortable and the soundproofing is on a high level. Unlike some older models Fiat, the quality of the assembly of Fiat Brava and Bravo is impressive. The trunk is quite large for a car of this class - with the rear seats removed the volume is over 1000 l. Both models are front wheel drive, equipped with 5 - speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. The Diesel engines on Fiat Brava / Bravo are very reliable and economical and they are among the best in its class. The top model Fiat Bravo HDS has high performance engine 2.0 (147 hp) and standard ABS, ventilated front and rear disc brakes, sport suspension, alarm...
In 1999. there are some minor changes in the model. The exterior and interior design of the car is slightly changed. The diesel engines are replaced with a new 1.9 JTD (1910 cc, 104 and 99 hp) engine, the 1.4 12V motor is replaced by the more efficient 1.2 16V (1242 cc, 82 hp). The Bravo HGT model got a new more powerful 2.0 (20V 154hp) engine.

         In 2007, Fiat presented a new generation Fiat Bravo (producing only with 5-doors), this time as a replacement for Fiat Stilo.
fiat brava Fiat Brava / Bravo is produced in Italy until 2001, when it was replaced with Fiat Stilo. The production of the model in Brazil continues till 2003.

Overall Fiat Bravo is a good choice for a younger people and holds its value better on the used market. Fiat Brava is the practical choice for families, with five door access and more room in the back. Both models are good looking and fairly reliable and the prices are surprisingly affordable.